Smart Homes  

What makes a home smart? It is when all of the technology in your home can communicate with each other. This includes the more complex devices such as computers, entertainment equipment, and security systems, to the simplest of devices like a coffee maker, a thermostat, even window blinds. When they are all interlinked with a wiring infrastructure, this network becomes the nerve center of your home allowing you to access any device from anywhere in your home, or remotely from another location. This empowers your house to work for you.

Picture waking up in the morning to the window blinds drawing automatically, and your favorite music playing on your bedroom speakers. By the time you walk downstairs, coffee is ready and the television turns on to the morning news. While you eat breakfast, any e-mail, and calendar events for the day are displayed on the kitchen monitor. Upon your departure, the lights turn themselves off, your thermostat turns down to save energy, and your security system is activated while your house waits for you to come home and start itís evening routine.

The possibilities of what can be done are only limited by your imagination. Condrum can provide you with devices such as weather sensors outside your home monitoring sunlight and humidity for lighting control and lawn sprinkler automation. Maybe you want to have media from your computer streaming to all of the audio/video equipment throughout your house. Basically, if you can imagine something you want to work automatically, we turn your ideas into reality. Having fancy light dimmers or an impressive stereo system dose not make your house smart, itís when all of these systems can communicate with each other. Tying them to a central control system empowers your home on a whole other level. Automation adds so much convenience and control of your home and your life. Itís when they work together that your home is smart. Once your house has been pre-wired, and devices have been installed, you can operate everything from touch screens, as well as having regular routines programmed in.

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