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While working with Condrum, you will be relieved to know that we are professionals in the Smart Home and Home Theater industry constantly training in new technologies. Condrum will assign a project manager to work with you on a one-on-one basis, making sure everything is done to meet your needs and our quality standards from project start to finish. Give us a call and experience our personal approach to working in your home and attention to detail.

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Working with Condrum
Step 1
Call Condrum (630) 460-6836 and give us an idea of what you would like to accomplish.
Step 2
Condrumís staff will meet with you and conduct a site survey at the project location. Taking tests measurements, photos, and notes. We will go over the details and give you our professional recommendations of your project scope, and equipment needs.
Step 3
Back at the office we will review your site survey and design a system, select products that meet your needs and fit your budget. We can also provide an optional *virtual tour* so you can better visualize the completed project.
Step 4
Another meeting is set up to present you with a tailored proposal, receive feedback and work with you to perfect the system further.
Step 5
At this point the pre-wire occurs, running wires from the central location to critical locations. This step prepares the project for the equipment installation phase.
Step 6
Now its time to install and setup your custom tailored system, connecting all the loose wires that were previously ran, bringing it all together to complete the wiring infrastructure.
Step 7
Condrum sets up your new system to reflect your needs and our standards. We also offer professional audio and video calibration to maximize your systems potential and features.
Step 8
Last we train you and your family on how to use your new custom system until you are confident in its total usage.

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