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Condrum, Corp is a Home technology company that specializes in true custom solutions like custom home theaters, whole house audio systems, structural wiring, one off entertainment cabinets, and automation. We are constantly seeking new products and training to further offer you better service and entertainment solutions.

A unique aspect of Condrum is our project management approach. By this we mean that we will over see all aspects of (for example) a custom theater project working with your contractors, or building out the space with our professionals, making sure a HVAC vent doesn’t get placed near a speaker location, and that lighting is dynamic, not lit like a conference room.

As you explore our web site you will discover that we are really a very different company that is not like a big box merchant doing drop and run installation, but rather a creative solution provider who will see all your needs through.

With certifications from leading industry groups and manufacturers you can be assured a great experience working with us.


Professional landscaping and brickwork.

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